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Machines & Equipment
Name Make Features
Fine pitch Chip Mounter KE 760 M Juki corporation , Japan Built in Component verification, coplanarity check, Height measurement , suitable for BGA &CSP assembly
High Speed Chip Shooter KE 2050 M Juki corporation , Japan High speed board assembly with HLC & flexiCAD software
High Speed Multi function Chip mounted KE 2060 M Juki corporation , Japan Fine pitch chips assembly (0402 to 50 mm chip size )
Lead free Reflow Oven CR M 7HAO Tangtek Corporation, Taiwan Pin & chain conveyor , multi zone PID , Built in Thermal profile , RoHS compliant
Stencil Printer Integrated Ideas & Technologies Inc , USA X,Y , Theta & Snap off Z control
Wave soldering machine Elektra Aries, Sweden
Wave soldering machine ISO DWSM 300 LF EPS, India Double SMD wave, SPC data provision, Off line data log in , RoHS compliant
Selective Soldering Machine M56 Wenesco, USA Rework & repair facilitation of through hole components
IR Reflow Oven 540 .25 SEF, Germany Quick Thermal profiling to support fast prototyping
Inspection camera Menzel, Taiwan 50X, 100X magnification for Fine pitch components
Optical Inspection systems Mantis, Vision Engg, USA Stereo zoom vision
Testing ICT & FCT , Focus 2000 Kyuoritsu, Japan Tailor made program to suit end use
Manual soldering stations ERSA, Germany Temp. controlled, Leadfree
Dip soldering & Hot air rework stations HAKKO, Japan Repair & rework facilitation
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines Supersonics , India Efficient flux & residue removal
Ultrasonic Vapour Degreaser Thorough clean, Indian Built in heater & condenser
Ionic Contamination Test system 660 SMD Alpha Metal ,USA Surface contamination test of cleaned PCB assemblies
Hot Air Oven IEC, India Endurance testing
Hot Air Oven Lifelong, India Thermal Ageing
CAD work station Allegro Cadence, U S A Concurrent engineering Environment, CAM support
Assorted test & measuring instruments Textronics, Sanwa, Aplab,Rishabh, Meco, Bonkot Digital oscilloscopes, Digital multimeters, LCR meters
Solder paste dispensers STD 208 I & J Fishner, USA Paste dispensing for Prototyping
De humidifiers Arctic India Humidity control
Software Support

Cadence , USA

Schematic capture, PCB Layout editor, CAM generation
Flexi CAD Juki Corporation, USA Auto conversion of Pick & Place Data
HLC Programming Juki Corporation, USA Line balancing  & placement optimization
EPU Juki Corporation, USA Off-Line Programming Unit of components placement
Circuit maker Software options, India PCB  layout Design
Super pro Xeltek Inc. Universal IC programmer
Book Tracker Inventory solution Inc. Inventory Management System
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